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Florida Banner Exchange

The #1 Florida Banner Exchange
This is the #1 Florida Banner Exchange
This Banner Exchange is for Florida Business banner Advertising. If you need Clients in the Door or Customers in the Store and you need local advertising for your Florida Business this is the Right place for you.
Banner Advertising makes up about a third of all Internet Advertising. Look around, Banners are everywhere. All the Biggest Companies spend Millions every year on Banner Advertising. They use Banner Advertising because it Works and Works Well.

You can join 2 ways.
 Join as an Exchange User Upload Your Banner, Place the Banner Code on your Website and Start Earning Banner Impressions.
This is Free, Never-Ending, Automatic Advertising for you and Your Business.

  join as an Advertiser and simply Buy Impressions if you can't or don't want to add the Banner Exchange Code to your web site. You can buy Impressions for as little as $10 for 5,000 Impressions. If you're having a sale and want to kick up your advertising you can buy 5,000 Impressions for as Little as $10 or 10,000 Impressions for $20

Over TWO MILLION Impressions Served!!!

Add Florida Banner Advertising to your Business
500 Free Impressions when you Join to get you started
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